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Kent Fine Foods - Wholesale Products - Chutney's

  • Chutney's made with the finest ingredients
  • Where possible locally sourced from Kent Farms & Businesses  
  • High quality production Prepared and cooked in small pans 
  • Highest quality, Maximum taste
  • No artificial flavours or chemicals used in any Chutney 

Wholesale Chutney Range

When ready give us a call or email us to discuss your order.  All wholesale Chutney have the same set price.  If the chutney you want is not here then see our Bespoke Wholesale service.

For larger catering size jars for chefs order via bespoke wholesale service

  • Kentish Spiced Apple Chutney with Cider - A beautifully balanced taste, made with quality apples that give you a wonderful kick of full flavour yet so pleasant on the palet produced from the delicate juicy sweetness of this finely mixed product.  Find Out More & Order.
  • Roasted Aubergine Chutney - The use of this more unusual vegetable has produced an amazingly original product, full of intrigue for the curious, and reasuringly familiar for the British churtney lover.  Find Out More & Order
  • Sweet Mango Chutney How can you improve on a classic, well we have.  Kent fine foods makes Mango Chutney for curry businesses.  We have used our expertise to produce an exciting, enjoyable accopliament to so many dishes.  Find Out More & Order.
  • Kentish Pear & Ginger Chutney - What an outing for the taste buds this one is!  The fresh pear and ginger, hand crafted into this chutney, gives your taste buds one of the best days out you will ever experience, they go so well together your taste buds will think they have met their long lost love of a first date.  Find Out More & Order.
  • Rhubarb & Ginger Chutney - Who remembers those boiled sweets!  Another cracking combination for the taste buds, this chutney is so perfectly balanced they you may even consider a fling with your secret love while the Pear is away on a business trip!  Find Our More & Order.
  • Smokey Kentish Tomato Chutney Been there, done that....But have you tasted this smokey one?  This chutney redefines the whole concept of classic.  How can you describe the taste of something which is pure and simple indulgence?  Find Out More & Order.

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