Multi-Award Winning Kent Fine Foods as Seen on ITV and BBC TV

Kent Fine Foods - Awards & TV Appearances - About Us

Kent Fine Foods was started and is owned and run by Matthew Kearsey-Lawson. 

Matthew is an experience farmer, quality manager and food producer.  All the products are made by his own hand, while many of the recipies come from his mother's inventive cook book.

Matthew first started as a farm hand when a teenager at Gore Farm in Kent.  Whilst working there he became a top fruit specialist, and learnt to drive tractor's, work machinery, manage pickers, work the land and produce food from seed to supermarket.  He also studied a management farming & food course at Hadlow College in Kent whilst working at Gore Farm.

Upon completion of his Hadlow Diploma Matthew became a farm manager at a farm in Tonbridge, Kent.  Following this he ran his own business in gardening and landscape.  Then he later took a job with Tesco as a Quality Assurance Officer working for head office in distribution centre where he would reject or accept foods from suppliers based upon quality. 

After his time at Tesco Matthew took a senior management position at Opies Ltd in Sittingbourne Kent, where he was employed as the Quality Assurance manager.  In that role as well as overseeing the factory and distribution centre he ran a technical lab and travelled the world to visit farms in order to set up their quality proceedures before any food was sent to the UK (man from Del monte!).

After Opies Matthew joined Fryday's, one of the UK's largest Egg companies.  In this high management position Matthew was in charge of 72 farms and several factories, science labs and managing quality contracts with the likes of McDonalds.

Then Matthew decided to go back to self-employment and focus on quality, bespoke food market, rather than high pressure, high bulk products.  He began by selling other peoples products which also included Ales from a Kent Brewery.  Whilst doing this Matthew started to make his own products from his home Kitchen.  When these became more popular than his other products Matthew decided to become a producer of his own product range 'That's Nice Products'.

After many farmers markets and vinegar smells throughout the home, Matthew opened a Unit at Elm Court Village where he runs Kent Fine Foods today.  In his first year he won an award and got on TV.  Wow!